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Authentic Hinano Tshirts, the most designs, tahitian's favorite tshirt, Hinano style! Authentic Hinano tee shirts, the most designs, tahitian's favorite tshirt, Hinano style! Order by calling us toll free with number above or email us! 

Hinano Stickers and Hinano Decals here 


Hinano Brand Limited supply 
Stock # Pareau-Hinano 
Big Hinano Logo right in da middle. 4 different
colors, Yellow, Black, Red, and Navy
standard size Pareo wrap

  Stock # Hinano- Big Girl 
Big Hinano Logo in back, with Hinano Tahiti Text 
in back 

  Stock # Hinano- Papeete 
Shown is back with Pepeete Tahiti since 1995 in back, 
front has smaller Hinano Girl logo on left chest 

  Stock # Hinano- Visor 
Front 3D hinano Tahiti Logo, Girl on visor, back has 
logo as well.. also in NAVY blue

  Stock # Hinano- Bottlecap 
Hinano Tee shirts , New bottle cap print.
in black and white only

Stock # Hinano- Original 
Hinano Tee shirts 
in black and white  

Stock # Hinano- Tahiti 
Hinano Tee shirts 
in black and white, a few grey

Hinano Stickers and Hinano Decals 

Stock # Decal - Hinano Girl 
in 5", 7" or 11" 

Stock # Decal - Hinano OVAL 
in 4" or 6" 

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