Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you all from the 
This year has been a bit strange to say to least, We hope everything is alright whereever you are currently living. That your holiday season is coming along as you expected. I figure if one looks at the big picture of life itself, then, everything will be fine in the end. After all, "this too, shall pass" 
As for Chaely (my WAY better Half) and I, we are STILL stuck in "Lost Wages" getting by. I sometime wish we could win the Mega-Buck slot thing but it's kinda hard to win if you don't play at all! No matter, we've still been blessed with friends like you folks as well as our family and our health. What more can one ask for? 
One Great thing about living in the mainland is we get to go down to L.A. a LOT to eat the great selection of food they have there, they do have beaches but heck, the water is cold even in summer. Not to mention you have to deal with junk quality of water too! But we do our shares of bumming around the west coast. It's been over 3 years living on the BIG ROCK and we've racked up over 78,000 miles on our car. Vegas ain't that big!  Let's see how many times we can drive around Oahu with that!  
Anyway, if you are ever on our neck of the woods, give us a jingle or send us an email so we can hang out. That's pretty much our xmas present to you- Now you have yet ANOTHER EXCUSE to come to vegas. No worry that you will be coming up for 2 weeks and only see us for 1 lunch! LOL! We are used to that already! 
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from the Chan Clan that's way out west! 
Joe & Chaely