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Petro Style in 4 colors
            Hibiscus Stripes Prints!

  2 tones 

Hawaiian Style Brand
Local Slippers
- Hard rubber for durability
- 2 tones on each colors
- Shiny top

Call for sizing and color
Toll Free (888) 868-9988
- We also have Locals only and no name brand
  slippers too...Pricing for slippers starting at $7.00


Ordering Instructions
Call Toll Free (888) 868-9988 
or (702)320-6376 to order!
Shipping & Handling
- Shipping is $3.00 unless with other orders, please call..
- At most, It will take Approx. 2-4 weeks for delivery
- Questions? or call 702.320.6376

On order, please specify 
Total Price (including Shipping)
Stock Number


Pricing subject to change, All Rights Reserved HJBJ Company Las Vegas 702.320.6376
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