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Aloha, Hawaiian Jewelry is the most popular form of Jewelry treasured by Local Hawaiian Wahines (woman). Browse at our fine selection of 14k solid gold  pendants, pick on the box to order, then go to the bottom to fill out your info. In about 1 week, you should receive a piece of Aloha!
Stock # 1410PVP 
14k 6mm Kuupio Pendant
1.25" lenght, 6mm wide
Engraved and filled with Black Enamel saying Sweetheartin Hawaiian "kuuipo"
Stock # 11mm - 1411PMP 
Asst Size 14k Plumeria Pendant
11mm - approx 3/4" lenght, 11mm wide 
15mm - approx 3/4" lenght, 11mm wide 
Diamond Cut tipped Plumeria Post Earrings 
Stock # 1411PPM 
14k 10mm 3 Plumeria Black Enamel Pendant 
approx 1" lenght, 10mm width
Double Plumeria with a maile vine 
Stock# 14mm - 1411PFP 
Stock # 9mm - 1409PFP 
14k asst. Heart Plumerial Pendant 
14mm - approx. 1 1/8" lenght, 14mm width 
9mm - approx. 7/8" lenght, 9 mm width 
Diamond Cut tipped Plumeria set on a Heart

Stock # 1401PT8
14k Plumeria Horizontal Tube Pendant 
approx 7/8" lenght, 7mm dia.
Pendant Slider with Plumeria/Twin Dolphin accented with blackenamel border
Stock # 1410P3P 
14k 3 Plumeria Black Enamel Pendant 
approx 1 1/8" lenght, 9mm wide
3 diamond cut tipped plumeria accented with blackenamel border
Stock# 1401PT6 
14k Plumeria Horizontal Tube Pendant 
approx 7/8" length, 5mm dia.
Pendant Slider, Plumeria with black enamel border 
Stock # 1406PTU 
14k Plumeria Scroll Vertical Tube Pendant 
approx. 1" lenght, 6mm dia.
Diamond cut tipped plumera accent w/ black enamel border
Stock # 1416PDB 
14k Dragon Ball Black Enamel Pendant 
approx 1" lenght, 16mm dia.
Engraved with a dragon ball accented with black enamel.
Stock # 1418PRP 
14k Dual Finish Plumeria Half Rnd. Pendant
approx 1" lenght, 18mm dia. 
Plumeria set in Flat Finish accented by Polished floralouter.
Stock #1417PHR 
14k Half Plumeria Scroll Ball "Ming's Type" 
approx 1" lenght, 17mm dia.
Plumeria diamond cut 1/2 ball design. 
Stock #1400P4L 
14k Large Love with Plumeria Scroll Pendant 
approx 1 3/8" lenght, 26mm wide.
Love Pendant accented w/diamond cut plumerias
Stock # 1400PML 
14k Medium Love Heart Pendant 

approx. 1 1/8" lenght, 21mm wide
Stock # 1400PSC 
14k Love Heart Diamond Cut Blk. Enamel  Pendant 
approx 3/4" lenght, 15mm wide
Stock # 1400PMC 
14k Maile Leaf Scroll Cross Pendant 
approx. 1 5/8" lenght, 19mm wide
Traditional Cross with Maile leave engraving accent

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