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you can order and pick up 
Koaloha Ukes, G-String Uke, and
more at hawaii's store in vegas..

new CUTAWAY Curly Koa uke with Pickup,   
Baratone Curly Koa 
6 Strings, 8 Strings, Nato or Spruce tops 

Call us toll free,  
and we will beat any reasonable offers online.... 

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TUNING your UKE,  
here's the 4 strings and their sounds,  
click here for the Real audio file 
Click here for the Real Player, get G2 or better  
you need real player to hear it.. 

Sounds fantastic and price unbelievable... 
Curly Koa Ukulele 
In Concert or Tenor size 
6, 8 string and with pickup available soon 
click to see more selection or bigger picture 
You gotta hear it to believe the sounds and the price 
call us.. 
also, 6 String, 8 Strings, with Pickups 

Come down to Aloha2go Showroom in Vegas 
and try'm out! 
we also have the Ukulele Strings, 
Carrying cases, and song and ask 
us TOLL FREE... 

Call Toll Free 
  1-877-398-1688 now! 

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Ordering Instructions 
Toll-Free Call (877) 398-1688 
or (702) 320-6376 
Call for the latest prints availability 
Shipping & Handling 
- This uses Fedex AIR  in  Mainland USA 
we can ship US Express mail as well 
- It will take Approx. 1-4 weeks for delivery, in most cases, MUCH Faster! 
- Questions? or call 702.320.6376 

Sample with Realaudio, the best Island Ukulele Albums here, need Realaudio G2 or better 
for more hawaiian music samplers , check out 
radioshow page here,  

Newest Ukulele CD releases are first 
coming soon,  kani makou,  and more 
wanna purchase any of these or other Hawaiian CDs?, 
call us toll free 1-877-398-1688 

but for now, sample the ones below 
Jake Shimabukuro 3rd CD hear fast uke perfection  
Ohta San - ALL by Myself 04, solo, gotta hear this 
Eddie Kamae - Made in '62, reissued '04, Killer strummer 
Opihi Pickers, their 4th album, check out the tones  
Ukulele Experiment- 4 different dudes, all uke, Unbelieveable  
Kaena - New Band, Crazy Uke Pickers, in their 20's  
Troy Fernandez - The man who started the new wave of  
uke playing back in the 80's, any local hawaiian uke player   
will know this living legend

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