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we also have Hawaiian Strenght, HIC, Hawaiian Style shirts, call to ask for styles. 

More T-shirts here, choke more 

HAWAIIAN Brand Clothing Company 
- Sizes from Large to 4XL !! 
- Tshirts comes in White, Ash, Tan, and Daisy Yellow 
   Must Specify Color or White color will be Shipped 
- Tank Tops comes in White Only (up to 2XL)  
  stock # samoan4life seal 

stock # Poweredsamoan2 

stock # Samoan Legend

 HAWAIIAN Brand Clothing Company 

  IRC clothing,  stock # ISLAND FIRE 
please call for pricing on this one 

Samoan Tshirts 
Samoa Aiga - 6" center chest 
Samoa Tapa - Chest 
Samoan Faa - Chest 


HAWAIIAN Brand Clothing Company 
- Large to 4 XL in Tshirts 
- Tshirts comes in Different Colors, White, grey, & Yellow 
   Must Specify Color or Ash will be Shipped 
- Tank Tops comes in white Only 
Large & XL Tshirts 
$15.00 each ($10 s/h Fedex) 
2X-3XL Tshirts/  
$18.00 each ($10 s/h Fedex) 
4XL Tshirts Only 
$25.00 each ($10 s/h Fedex) 

Bigger size? call  us, need quantity order 

Toll Free (877) 398-1688  
T-Shirts       Stock # Hshirts  order or ?s 
(When ordering, please refer to Stock #)  


Ordering Instructions 
Toll-Free Call (877) 398-1688 
or (702) 320-6376 
Call for the latest prints availability 
Shipping & Handling 
- Shipping is $10.00, for qty, please call... shipping rates/policy 
- It will at most  Approx. 2-4 weeks for delivery 
- Questions? or call 702.320.6376 

On order, please specify  
Total Price (including Shipping) 
Stock Number 


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