Gears NOT for the masses
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D i s o b e d i e n t ; N a u g h t y ; S t u b b o r n  : Just like YOU !!
Guam chamorro chamoru guahan tshirt and clothing boutique! you get da
drift bro, all our gears goes up to 10XL in tees
Gears NOT for the masses 
goto  for latest guam tees, fight gears nai!
cost is $21 for tees up to XL, $2 per size up to 10XL.. 
we have guam tees, saipan tees, chamoru hoodies,
chamorro girl tee, and a whole bunch more!!

Call for pricing and availability on Guam
tshirts, jewelry,
decals, scott zoris,
and more..or check out



Ordering Instructions
Toll-Free Call (877) 398-1688
or (702) 320-6376
Call for the latest availability
Shipping & Handling
- $10 up to 3 tee  in CONT USA 
   if ordering more call!..check shipping and handling or call
- It will take Approx.1-2 weeks for delivery
- Questions? or call 702.368.0808

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