Custom Picture Transfer to DVD* Playable Disc
Show your pictures on a DVD* player, keep your archives on disc as well
Including your very own CD quality sound tracks that you choose
Up to 50 pictures on a DVD* playable Disc and 2 pop songs, price starts at $99
you send us or bring in 50 pictures (digital or paper) and the 2 songs, and you will
get back a Disc that you can put in your DVD* Player and view the show!
 Below is sample of the VIDEO...if you want hear audio with this presentation, click here,
it's not synchronized and Only Realaudio quality  but you get the idea....
Call Toll Free at 1-877-398-1688 to order
*Your DVD player must be able to play VCD 2.0 and CD+RW disc, extra charge for TRUE DVD Media